China has warned the US not to restrict it or it could cause “trouble”

China’s foreign minister reiterated Beijing’s demand for talks to end the conflict in Ukraine on Tuesday. China has warned the US continues its misguided policies towards China, “conflict and confrontation” will result

Foreign Minister Qin Gang stated at a news conference in Beijing on the sidelines of an annual parliament meeting. That the United States has been suppressing and containing China instead of engaging in fair or rule-based competition.

“The perception and views of the United States towards China are significantly twisted,” claimed Qin. “China is seen as its main foe and the greatest geopolitical threat by this country. This is comparable to a shirt’s first button being fastened incorrectly.”

Relations between the two countries have been tight for years over a variety of problems, including Taiwan, trade, and the conflict in Ukraine. Still, They have gotten worse following the controversy surrounding a balloon that the U.S. Said was a Chinese spying device and was shot down last month.

China has warned the US: According to Qin, although the U.S. claims it is constructing guardrails for relations with China and is not seeking conflict. This actually means that China is not allowed to retaliate with words or deeds when slandered or assaulted.

That is simply not conceivable, he declared. “Who will suffer the terrible repercussions if United States doesn’t touch the brake and keeps speeding down the wrong path? No amount of guardrails can prevent derailment, which will become conflict and confrontation?”


At another part of the news conference on Tuesday, Qin said that an “invisible hand” was pushing for the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine without naming the source.

Qin reiterated China’s appeal for discussion while asserting that the “invisible hand” is “using the Ukraine crisis to serve certain geopolitical interests”.

China has vehemently maintained its position on Ukraine in the face of Western criticism of its choice to not designate Russia as the conflict’s aggressor.

The fact that Xi has not spoken with his Ukrainian counterpart since Russia invaded its southwestern neighbor last February undermines China’s claims of neutrality, according to Kyiv’s top diplomat in Beijing, who made the statement on the anniversary of the start of the war last month. Xi has met with Putin numerous times since Russia invaded its neighbor last February.

Beijing has also angrily refuted Washington’s allegations that it has considered giving Russia lethal weapons.

Yet as the world grows more unsettling, China must strengthen its ties with Russia, according to Qin.

Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s close encounters, according to Qin, served as the foundation for China-Russia relations.

When asked if Xi would visit Russia after China’s parliament session, which will last for one more week, he did not provide a clear response.

When asked if China and Russia might give up using the US dollar and the euro for bilateral commerce, Qin responded that nations should use whichever currency is effective, secure, and reliable.

Neither the trump card for unilateral sanctions nor a cover for intimidation or coercion, he said, should be currencies.

China has frequently criticized the United States for using unilateral penalties to intimidate other nations.

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