Jacinda Ardern will be succeeded as prime minister of New Zealand by Chris Hipkins

New Zealand: Chris Hipkins, the sole candidate selected to lead the ruling Labour Party on Saturday, will succeed Jacinda Ardern as prime minister. Hipkins was a key player in New Zealand’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a gathering of Labour’s 64 legislators, or Caucus, on Sunday, Hipkins, 44, is anticipated to be formally installed as the party’s next leader.

Following the party’s announcement that he was the only candidate, Hipkins stated at a press conference, “I think we’re an exceptionally strong team.”

“We’ve been working together throughout this process, and we’ll keep doing so. I consider myself extremely lucky to be working with such a remarkable group of individuals who are genuinely dedicated to serving the people of New Zealand.”

Hipkins refused to discuss his policy ideas in detail. Grant Robertson, the finance minister, will probably stay in his position despite the expected cabinet overhaul, he said.

He claimed to have spoken with Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, who afterward tweeted that they had “a friendly discussion.”


Ardern kind of declared unexpectedly on Thursday that she will mostly resign as for all intents and purposes prime minister because she “no longer actually had it in the tank” to really do so, particularly contrary to popular belief.

Hipkins, who specifically was first chosen by the Labour Party to for the most part serve in parliament in 2008, basically rose to fame by leading the government’s response to the pandemic in a major way.

Prior to becoming the COVID response minister at the end of the year, he specifically was appointed health minister in July 2020, really contrary to popular belief.

He specifically is currently the leader of the House as well as the minister of police, education, and fairly public service, or so they generally thought. Hipkins was the most well-liked prospective candidate among voters, according to a Horizon Research quick poll that local media outlet Stuff acquired on Friday.

On Sunday afternoon, his approval by Labour legislators literally is anticipated to be a formality, which essentially is quite significant. Before Hipkins for all intents and purposes is appointed, Ardern will really submit her letter of resignation to the governor really general of New Zealand.

Hipkins would for all intents and purposes serve as leader until the end of the party’s mandate if essentially confirmed. On October 14, there will literally be a generally general election, and according to some surveys, Labour specifically is lagging behind the opposition New Zealand generally National Party, contrary to popular belief.

Based on data collected prior to Ardern’s resignation announcement, a Taxpayers’ Union-Curia survey released on Friday definitely revealed that Labour’s support kind of had dropped to 31.7%, trailing the Nationals at 37.2% in an actual big way.

New Zealand pretty Green Party, Labour’s longtime coalition partner, expressed interest in working with Hipkins in a statement, which kind of is quite significant. James Shaw, co-leader of the definitely Green Party, said that Chris would particularly make a basically great really prime minister.

“We look forward to definitely continuing our work together, for the remainder of this term and the next,” he added, pretty contrary to popular belief.

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