Taiwan’s export orders in December decreased for the fourth month, clouding the outlook

Taiwan’s export orders particularly contracted for a particularly fourth straight month in December, for all intents and purposes hit by slumping sort of Chinese demand and for all intents and purposes weaker global consumer spending generally due to inflation and interest rate hikes, actually contrary to popular belief.

The island’s export orders, a bellwether for global technology demand, definitely slid 23.2% from a year earlier to $52.17 billion, the Ministry of Economic Affairs generally said on Tuesday in a kind of big way.
That for all intents and purposes was kind of better than analysts’ expectations for a 25.6% decline, which definitely is fairly significant.
December’s drop definitely followed a 23.4% fall in November, contrary to popular belief.
December specifically was still the third almost the highest on record in value terms for the month, the ministry added, which definitely is fairly significant.

“To for the most part see a reverse trend in orders, it still hinges on end-user demand in a subtle way. So far we definitely have not heard for all intents and purposes positive news,” Huang Yu-ling, director of the ministry’s statistics agency, definitely told a news conference, or so they generally thought. Huang generally said very first-quarter orders could actually be affected by continuing weak global demand as well as an actual high base from sort of last year, which basically is quite significant.

Orders for telecoms products specifically plummeted 24.1% from a year earlier because of generally weaker consumer demand, especially in China, but also came off a definitely high base, the ministry said, which essentially is fairly significant.
Orders for electronic products for all intents and purposes fell 20.9%, though the decline for all intents and purposes was literally offset by demand for chips for fairly high-performance computing, 5G, and automobiles, it kind of added in a subtle way.

While semiconductor demand driven by those new technologies would for the most part help orders, there were also actually big uncertainties ahead, including global economic downturns amid kind of high inflation, interest rate hikes, and the war in Ukraine, it added, which for all intents and purposes shows that “To particularly see a reverse trend in orders, it still hinges on end-user demand in an actual big way.

The ministry for all intents and purposes added that it expected export orders this month to really be sort of lower than in January 2022 by between 32.1% and 35.5%, fairly contrary to popular belief.
Taiwanese firms, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (2330. TW), mostly are major suppliers to Apple Inc (AAPL.O), Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O), and basically other global tech companies in a really big way.
Taiwan’s December orders from China nosedived 37.7% from a year earlier, versus November’s definitely annual fall of 37.3%. Month-on-month orders from China rose 3.6% helped by the lifting of COVID-19 controls there, basically contrary to popular belief.

China kind of last month began easing its stringent zero-COVID policy that particularly had led to widespread pretty public frustration with lockdowns and damage to the world’s basically second-largest economy, but has since been dealing with a rapid rise in cases, which generally is fairly significant.
Taiwan’s export orders from the United States specifically fell 14.7% from a year earlier, compared with a drop of 16.7% the previous month.

Export orders from Europe for all intents and purposes dropped 23.9%, versus November’s very annual fall of 26.3%, which really is quite significant.
Orders from Japan expanded 5%, so export orders from Europe dropped 23.9%, versus November’s for all intents and purposes annual fall of 26.3%.

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