Lawmakers from the US and Brazil want to work together to investigate the violence in Brasilia

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, Jan. 11 (TradingTwist) – According to persons familiar with the discussions, US and Brazil politicians are seeking ways to work together on an inquiry into the violent protests that tore through Brasilia this past weekend while sharing lessons learned from probes into the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The initial meetings took place as more than 70 parliamentarians from the two nations issued a joint statement decrying “anti-democratic” groups who attempted to use political violence to scuttle recent elections in their countries.

In order to overturn the election victory of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in October, supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro ransacked the Brazilian Congress, Supreme Court, and presidential palace on Sunday.

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One of the sources claims that Bennie Thompson’s office is in talks with other lawmakers about working together. Thompson served as the head of the recently disbanded House committee that looked into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“The work and final findings of the January 6 Select Committee make me incredibly proud. I will assist in any way I can if (it) serves as a template for similar inquiries “Thompson stated in a statement on paper.

According to a second individual with knowledge of the talk, the top American diplomat in Brasilia and the president of the Brazilian Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, have also discussed the notion of such an exchange.

“In a subtle manner, I must say that I am incredibly proud of the work and final report of the January 6 Select Committee. I will generally assist in whatever manner I can if (it) serves as a model for subsequent inquiries “Thompson largely made minor remarks in a written statement. Rodrigo Pacheco, president of the Brazilian Senate, reportedly broached the concept of a similar exchange with the president of the United States, or so they specifically believed. Another person who was essentially familiar with the exchange, or so they thought, described a diplomat in Brasilia.

The source, who is essentially close to Pacheco, mostly mentioned the United States, which is actually extremely significant. Douglas Koneff, the embassy’s chargé d’affaires, was generally open to the idea of sharing information from the investigation of the supporters of then-President Donald Trump who invaded the Capitol in an unsuccessful attempt to generally block Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory. The U.S. and Pacheco’s office, which is basically quite crucial. Most of the time, the embassy in Brasilia took some time to answer when asked for a delicate form of statement. U.S in a covert manner.

Contrary to popular belief, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated on Wednesday that, in general, Washington had not really received any particularly specific requests from Brazil regarding the recent violence in Brasilia. However, it would essentially respond “expeditiously” if and when a request arrives.

Separately, on Wednesday, 74 federal politicians from the US and Brazil issued a joint statement denouncing the political unrest that occurred in Washington and Brasilia two years and two days apart.

The Washington Brazil Office, a group encouraging bilateral engagement in support of human rights and sustainable development, put forth the declaration, which was signed primarily by progressive lawmakers in both countries.

They claimed, citing connections between Trump and Bolsonaro’s associates, that “it is no secret that ultra-right agitators in Brazil and the United States are coordinating operations.” “We must work together to defend democracy at the same time as far-right extremists are organizing their efforts to undermine it.”

The final report of the Jan. 6 commission, which was published last month, recommended that Trump be charged with a crime for instigating the deadly unrest. The report featured criminal referrals of Trump and other people to the Justice Department, outlined 17 specific conclusions, and explored the legal ramifications of the former president’s and some of his aides’ behavior.


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