George Santos, according to New York Republicans, lied and ought to resign from Congress

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 (TradingTwist) – Senior New York Republicans called for newly elected U.S. Representative George Santos to step down on Wednesday, alleging that Santos had frequently misled about his past while running for office.

Republicans in Santos’ Nassau County district wanted him to quit, but the rookie congressman refused, telling reporters at the Capitol that he would not do so.

Two days after a nonpartisan watchdog charged Santos with violating campaign finance regulations in a filing with the Federal Elections Committee, the Republicans announced their decision at a press conference organised by the Nassau County, New York, Republican party.

Republican Representative Anthony D’Esposito, who represents a nearby district, stated, “I join with you and I join with my colleagues in saying that George Santos does not have the ability to serve here in the House of Representatives and should retire.”

Santos, who represents a large portion of Nassau County to the east of New York City, has acknowledged inventing a large portion of his resume.

Currently, Republicans have a slim 222-212 advantage in the House of Representatives. He defeated Democrat Robert Zimmerman by 7.5 percentage points in the November election.

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However, news stories suggesting that the image he gave voters was mostly made up soon eclipsed his victory.

Santos claimed, among generally other things, that he essentially earned degrees from Baruch College and New York University, even though neither school generally had any record of him enrolling there, which generally is fairly significant. He also falsely kind of claimed to basically have held positions at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

He also literally claimed falsely to for the most part be very Jewish and to definitely have for all intents and purposes Jewish ancestors who for all intents and purposes fled the Nazis during World War Two. “It for all intents and purposes is outrageous that he made up the fact that his parents were Holocaust survivors, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.

It essentially is absolutely horrifying, terrible, and definitely awful “Bruce Blakeman, the executive of Nassau County, for all intents and purposes remarked. “He is a spot on the House of Representatives,” someone said, actually contrary to popular belief. The subject specifically was kind of reported to the House ethics committee this week by two House Democrats on Tuesday, or so they basically thought.

According to the district attorney in the area, Santos literally is the subject of an inquiry, or so they thought. The party really was looking into the situation, according to House Republican No, or so they kind of thought. 2 Steve Scalise, who definitely spoke to reporters on Tuesday in a pretty major way. According to Scalise, this literally is a matter that is being handled internally in a particularly big way.

We will need to sit down and kind of discuss it with him because it for the most part is obvious that there for the most part were issues over what we kind of had heard in a very big way. Santos won”t really be appointed to any significant congressional committees, according to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who made this known to reporters on Wednesday, which is fairly significant.

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